Fidget Spinners Are Now Being Used To Explain Christianity And The Catholic Church Is Not Happy


The quickest ways to start an argument in the south is to bring up college football or religion. But when you go and throw a fidget spinner into the mix, things get nasty.

Well, I guess that depends on whether or not you think Pelagianism, Modalism, or Sabellianism are nasty words.

Some Catholic priests, and certainly every protestant youth pastor, were looking for culturally relevant way to explain the Trinity and decided to use the trend of the month: fidget spinners.

The Trinity is a complex doctrine that is central to Christian belief, so you would think the church would be happy. Not so. Stephen Colbert, a practicing and proud Catholic, explains why.

Of course, no earthly example can adequately represent God. That would be like trying to fully understand an artist by only looking at their portrait. Every example of the Trinity is flawed and incomplete, even St. Patrick’s three-leafed clover. The fidget spinner is the starting point, which can also help ease our anxiety of not being able to fully understand the Trinity.