The Final Five Revealed Their Celebrity Crushes And Dream Jobs, And It Was Pretty Adorable

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It’s standard fare to interview Olympians after their time on the podium. They’ve accomplished something the rest of us can only dream about, many before they even turn 30. Even Michael Phelps was subjected to a barrage of interviews, where he’s insisted that this is really his final Olympics.

These girls, though, have a lot more than Tokyo 2020 to think about.

In this interview with Access Hollywood, the girls discuss their huge crush on Theo James, and on Miley’s man, Liam Hemsworth, among others. Liam might be engaged, but that won’t stop these five from crushing on him.

Meeting celebrities isn’t the only thing on their minds, of course. The Final Five still have a lot of life ahead of them, and their career goals are nothing short of olympic. From doctor, to actress, to fashion designer, we have no doubt that these girls can achieve anything they put their minds to. After all, they already have.