First Look: Maddie and Tae’s Video Girl in a Country Song

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Maddie and Tae have turned the tables and have provided us a refreshing look at country music. We are excited that world can finally see their video of “Girl in a Country Song.” The song which is already has media attention, was written in response to the latest craze in country music, Bro Country. Maddie and Tae felt moved to write the song because, in their words, “It would suck to be the girl in those songs.”

“The reaction has been incredible,” says Marlow. “And the team we have behind us has just been amazing. They’re like, ‘I don’t think we’ve seen a project move this fast.'”

Don’t worry bros, the girls keep it classy with the video being a good-hearted poke at role reversal. Both girls are quick to say they don’t hate their male counterparts, it’s just time to move away from ridiculous stereotypes. And we kind of agree!

The duo will make their national television debut on NBC’s Today on August 11.

Check out the video and let us know what you think: