James Corden Serves Gordon Ramsay A Cold Dish Of Revenge (Fish Eyes)


Revenge, like fish eye, is a dish best served cold. At least, that’s how I assume one eats fish eyes. I hope I never have to know. Much to their credit and shame, both James Corden and Gordon Ramsay know what a fish eye tastes like. James ate one for the as a bet on Gordon’s show “The F Word” seven years ago and has never received his prize: an exclusive, all expenses paid dinner for him and his family at any of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. So, after seven years, Cordon confronted Ramsay on his show, forceing him to pay up with added fishy interest.

Seven years ago, Jimmy Corden was a young upstart with the world at his feet. He was a fun kid to prank on TV, so why not ask him to eat a raw fish eye? It was disgusting.

Gordon accepted his punishment for forgetting the Corden’s. The reactions were priceless.