7 #FitnessFails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Time in the Gym


A few years ago, a man was filmed eating pizza at the gym while actually using one of the machines. It was a bold statement if there ever was one. This man, without any doubt, was the poster child for having your cake and eating it too– while actually at the gym.

Let’s be honest, this is how most of us want to be at the gym— comfortable, in the moment, at home, not working out. Of course, this is the time of year that everyone has a renewed sense of fitness, if that’s a thing, which means many people also have some great #FitnessFails. Of course, Jimmy Fallon found some pretty amazing stories on Twitter and honestly, they have inspired us to get back to the gym.

Remember: we can’t all be Tim McGraw and like my junior high basketball coach once told me, “a little bit of effort goes a long way.”


That’s a pretty overzealous credit company. The TRX systems aren’t that expensive. But, still a mortifying call to receive and explain.


This is the man who isn’t afraid to eat pizza in the gym! Bravo!


Where is this yoga class located? And what time? How much does it cost? Do you have to be a member?


This is more of a life fail than a fitness fail.


Those kids sounds like geniuses. They should be in advertising.


Again, not a fail! Brilliant!


Wait, so, that’s not a great idea? Guilty.