Five Country Music Singers Who Got a Late Start

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Not all country music singers started out playing their instruments in the womb. Some of them didn’t even pick up their guitars until they were in college or beyond. What is it that makes these people so special? What do they have that others don’t? Let’s find out from these five late bloomers to the country music scene.

Alan Jackson

Jackson’s musical career began when he wrote his first song at the age of 25. Twenty-seven times Grammy Award and CMA winner, he is well known for blending mainstream country sounds and traditional honky tonk. His early days were spent in Newnan, Georgia, listening to gospel music.

Laura Cantrell

Beginning her singing career while in college, Cantrell also worked as a DJ on a show called The Radio Thrift Shop. Over the years she befriended members of the band, They Might Be Giants and her recordings slowly grew in the charts. Today her newest album No Way There From Here is a hit among fans.

Cole Swindell

While in college at Georgia Southern University, Cole Swindell, began his career as a songwriter. Over time, he won over the college crowd, and in 2007, Cole decided to move to Nashville and was hired by the now famous, Luke Bryan. Today, Cole is one of the top 100 Country Billboard Artists.

Jake Owen

Originally beginning a career as a professional golfer, Jake got in a wakeboarding accident that resulted in reconstructive surgery. Unable to play any sports, he borrowed a neighbor’s guitar and began teaching himself. Soon enough he began playing regular gigs at a bar. In time he moved to, you guessed it, Nashville. Funny enough, he gave his demo to a bank teller who passed it on to Warner/Chappel Music. Though he didn’t get the gigs with Warner, he eventually signed on with RCA Records in 2005.

Billy Currington

After high school, Billy, like so many others moved to Nashville to follow his dreams. While he was pursuing those dreams he worked for a concrete company as a personal trainer. His self-titled album was released by Mercury Records in 2003.


Image Source: CMA, 6tee-zeven via Compfight cc, Daniel Locke/PR Photos