Five Great Country Songs to Send to Your Crush

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No matter how much you try, it’s hard to get a crush out of your head once they’re in there. If you’ve got someone constantly in your thoughts, there’s no better way to pine after them and share your love than with music. There are countless country songs in the world that can help get your soon-to-be-love into your life, but the following are true classics:

Breathe // Faith Hill

“Breathe” is the type of song that lets you reach out to someone when you are finally ready to make that move. Regardless of how your past relationships may have gone, this is a song that helps you stay in the now and truly focus on what’s important. With lyrics like “In a way I know my heart is waking up “, Faith Hill truly captures the spirit of love.

Always on My Mind // Willie Nelson

It may be an oldie, but “Always on My Mind” is still the ideal way to tell someone you’ve been thinking about him or her. The song is a love song without a doubt. If you have had a love for a long time, but haven’t shared it with that person, play this song. With lyrics like these “And maybe I didn’t hold you, All those lonely, lonely times, And I guess I never told you, I’m so happy that you’re mine” you will be able to send that message of how much you do truly love them.

Love You Out Loud // Rascal Flatts

For a fast-paced, fun song, consider “Love You Out Loud.” If you are shy, unable to bring yourself to tell her about your love or you simply “cannot resist,” this song is for you. It talks about overcoming those feelings of being worried and “climbing on a rooftop to scream and shout” about your new love. With lyrics like this “Baby, I want the whole world to see , Just how good your love looks on me”, you will definitely send the message you want.

Smile // Uncle Kracker

When you feel like proclaiming your love, play “Smile” by Uncle Kracker. It is the perfect combination of fun lyrics and a lighthearted tune. “Just the thought of you can drive me wild…” and “you make me smile” are just some of the lyrics of this fun song, which is perfect for any new love or relationship.

Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man // Andy Griggs

“Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man” isn’t necessarily for new love, but re-found love. When you and your spouse have drifted apart, this type of song can help rekindle that fire. With lyrics like “So let me show you who I am, All week I’ve been your husband, Tonight I want to be your man, Just forget about that wedding band, All week I’ve been your husband, Tonight I want to be your man” this song shows your true feelings and emotions. You’ll feel good after hearing this song, and so will she.

Any time there’s a need for showing love, whether the other person knows about your crush or not, these songs are the ideal way to share it.