Minka Kelly Would Be “Front And Center” For A “Friday Night Lights” Reunion


Since it went off the air, “Friday Night Lights” has become one of the more popular shows in syndication. During it’s five seasons, the show struggled with ratings and looming cancellation threats but has since found a large and committed audience on Netflix. Many devoted fans would love to see a movie with the Taylors, Riggins, and the rest of the gang. Despite rumors that a movie would never happen, Minka Kelly, who plays Lyla Garrity, said she would be “front and center” for a reunion in Dillon, Texas.

“Friday Night Lights” is a story that has already been squeezed into every major media box. It began as a book, then became a movie, then a TV show, and now maybe a movie again. Creator Peter Berg recently said that a movie would not happen, but there is a script for one. That’s about as on-the-fence as you can be.

Kelly’s recent comments only fan the flame for a movie, but she too was dubious of adding to something that is already complete. “I think people are still enjoying the show, so sometimes things are better left wanting more,” she said. “That’s not to say I wouldn’t be there front and center should that ever happen. Of course, I would never not honor where I came from, but I think it’s perfect where it is.”

Anyone who has gone to high school reunion knows they are all hype and reliving the good ole days. Making that a movie would basically be showing that our favorite folks from Dillon can’t move past their high school glory days.