Forgotten Masterpieces: Classic Reba McEntire Music Videos


I can’t tell you exactly what Reba McEntire was doing in the late 1980s. Like, I don’t know what hair spray she was using or if she really enjoyed Tab soda, but I can tell you she was producing and starring in some of the most brilliant music videos of that time period. And maybe ever.

 Whoever’s in New England

This was Reba’s first big hit. The video is almost like a mini Lifetime movie. Her hair, the sweaters. Just a masterpiece.

What Am I Gonna Do About You

I cried when Reba cried. How can you not? Also, she has the same hair as that guy. And the football scene? He must’ve thrown that ball 100 feet in the air. She waited forever for it to come down.

Cathy’s Clown

Obviously, the best part of this video is the costume design. The costumes and backdrop have nothing to do with the song. At all. But, gosh! So dramatic. If you weren’t paying attention you’d think you were watching a John Wayne movie.