Police School A Teenager Who Thought He Was Vaping In Front Of A Cop Car

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Here is a fact: men in their late teens and early twenties are not smart. Their brains don’t fully form until age 22, so we should cut them a little slack, but we don’t because they are arrogant babies who are fun to laugh at. For example, a bro at Kansas University thought he would be, like, so tight and vape right in front of a cop car (BRO, CHILL, THAT’s DOPE). But, as the police later pointed out, he was just vaping in front of a water service vehicle.

Incoming freshman Blake has all the smoothest vapes. I mean look at him: calf-high socks, athletic shorts, flat bill over a hoodie. Dang son, everything he touches is fire! Bro walks straight up to a car with a badge and makes clouds. Then homie tagged the Lawrence PD in his tweet.

Dayyyyyyyum, Blake, you crazy for this one. Mighty Bro Young, over here! You a real Wolfgang Amadeus Brozart.

But then, dang, the 5-0 got in on the action.

Blake, RIP.

That is freshman year in a nutshell: public embarrassment and humiliation that quickly steals any high school bad ass superiority you once had.

Nothing says “you are a child” like the police shrugging at your “rebellion” while putting you on social media blast. Can someone get this kid an ibubrofen?