8 Pretty Funny Moments from “Saturday Night Live” That Make Us Excited for The 42nd Season Premiere


If we’re being honest, we’re pretty excited about the 42nd season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.” After all, it is an election year and Kate McKinnon just won an EMMY for hilarious portrayal of Hillary Clinton. You never know who’s going to turn up around 30 Rockefeller Plaza on any given Saturday night, so even when the show is ho-hum, the guests are always spot-on.

8 Pretty Funny Moments from “Saturday Night Live” That Make Us Excited for The Season 42nd Premiere:

1. “Back Home Ballers” // Cameron Diaz, host
“Back Home Ballers” might be the most realistic portrayal of life to ever come out of “Saturday Night Live.” From the fake nap to small load of laundry, this describes how almost everyone we know acts when they visit their parents. Plus– that long ass WiFi password. Scary true.

2. “Outside the Lines” // Melissa McCarthy, host
McCarthy was nominated for an EMMY for her appearance on “SNL” and this skit about a woman’s basketball coach was absolutely unreal. It’s like they just found every random object they could think of and asked her to throw at one of her players.

3. “Liquorville” // Justin Timberlake, host
If JT is hosting, you know the show is going to be hilarious– the guy could be a cast member. Timberlake is at his best when advertising sausage, liquor and/or omelettes.

4. “Wishin’ Boot” // Blake Shelton, host
There’s not a lot of country music on “Saturday Night Live,” so when Shelton got his shot to host and be the musical guest we were psyched. And what’s better than a actually country music superstar making fun of country music?

5. “Mom Jeans”
Did we know what mom jeans were before “Saturday Night Live” told us about them? Who cares.

6. “The Beygency” // Andrew Garfield, host
The scariest part of the Beygency is that we don’t know if it is fake or not.

7. “Weekend Update: Sarah Palin Rap”
Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers have both said, at different times, that this was one of the best things they ever did during their time on “Saturday Night Live.” Poehler is rapping while 9 months pregnant, Palin was actually on the show and everything went more than right. Plus, it was hilarious.

8. “Swiftamine” // Chris Rock, host
We know people who have tried to actually get treatment for liking Taylor Swift.