Season 7 Of “Game of Thrones” Will Have a Feature Length Finale


Fans of HBO’s mega-hit series “Game of Thrones” were dismayed that the new season would only contain seven episodes, as opposed to the normal ten. How could they possibly wrap up all the disparate story lines in so little time? HBO recently announced the running times for each episode revealing that, while we may be getting fewer episodes, they will be significantly longer than the episodes we are used to.

Season 7 episodes will on average be eight minutes longer than those in previous seasons and the last two episodes will break running time records.

71 and 81 minutes! Those are awfully close to feature films in and of themselves. We can now rest assured that the novelty of a seven episode season will not mean less GoT.

My theory is that the number “7” will play an essential role in the coming season. It is an essential number in Westeros: seven kingdoms, the Faith of the Seven and the Seven Pointed Star, seven Starks (Ned, Cat, Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Rickon), seven Kingsguard, 77 courses at Joffery’s wedding, seven books in “The Song of Ice and Fire,” and now the seventh season has seven episodes. Something’s up with the number 7.