Garth Brooks: Friends in High Places

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Garth Brooks hasn’t toured in well over a decade and it’s been about that long since he’s released new music, too, but that doesn’t mean he’s not bringing out the big names to help him re-launch his music career. In a span of a few days in Chicago, he brought out Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga, and Chris Pratt. Maybe this is what “People Loving People” is really about?

During a pre-show press conference, Brooks said multiple times that singers like Lady Gaga and Clarkson “inspire” him. Also on that list? Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars and Mumford and Sons.

During Friday night’s early show, Clarkson took the stage with Mrs. Yearwood (as Brooks calls her) to sing their new single, “PrizeFighter.” The song brought the house down, but not quite as much as the duet of “Walkaway Joe,” which Mrs. Yearwood asked Clarkson to sing with her.

Clarkson kindly obliged, but also said, “I’ll only sing the harmonies, no one is here to hear me sing.”

This we know: Garth Brooks is back and he’s bringing Trisha Yearwood along. It’s going to be a fun ride to see who else shows up.

Image Source: CMA