Garth Brooks, Talk To Us.

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Dear Garth Brooks,

What does this mean:


Does this mean, you’re coming back to us again? (Sorry to steal your lyrics.)

We know you’re about to take off on tour and you’ve promised talk show hosts here and there that you’re going to play new music on the tour, but does “The wait is over…7/7” mean that you’re going to release new music to us, your loyal fans since forever, in just 4 days? Will the wait really be over?

You told Robin Roberts a few months ago that, “The whole goal in life is to make whatever you’ve done before look small.” This is kind of vague because what could be bigger than “The Thunder Rolls“?

Sir, we have been living these lyrics for 13 years:

“On a prayer, in a song,

I hear your voice, and it keeps me hanging on, on.

Raining down, against the wind,

I’m reaching out till we reach the circle’s end,

when you come back to me again.”

We have been hanging on. We can’t stop listening to the “Double Live” album. We are ready.

Please, Garth, let the wait be over.




If the announcement is just US tour dates that’s okay, too, but we really want new music!

Image source: GarthBrooks.Com, CMA