George Clooney Travels Through Hollywood History to Get His Coffee in the Coolest Commercial Ever

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Hollywood loves anything about itself. “La La Land” is a movie about Hollywood, written in Hollywood, about a girl who wants to be a star in Hollywood, that won a lot of Hollywood awards. But we don’t care; we all love Hollywood. That’s probably why Nespresso, an instant espresso machine, has dumped their entire marketing budget into Hollywood themed commercials starring George Clooney. George loves the instant coffee so much that he will travel through Hollywood history to get it.

Let me start by saying this commercial is perfectly nostalgic and Clooney is really funny as the constant passenger. But, this commercial leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions.

  1. Why doesn’t George go to Andy Garcia’s house? He goes to a Nespresso store, which, I believe, defeats the purpose of a home espresso machine. Shouldn’t he just go to Andy’s house and get coffee for free? Sure, GC has the money to buy coffee, but why go through the fuss of setting up the machine? Maybe Andy charges a lot for coffee. Maybe he makes you publicly root against your favorite sports team for the honor of drinking his Nespresso. That’s cold, Andy.
  2. Where is George going? He doesn’t get an intern to fetch his coffee and he isn’t traveling to California. Well, not literally. He is traveling through movies. MOVIES! It’s as if the real Hollywood is a magic realm guarded by deceased stars on the roads of classic movies. When Nespresso asks, “What else?” I assume they are just pulling back the curtain on the real Hollywood. It’s like they are saying, “Yeah, it’s magic. What else would you expect?” What is this world?
  3. Does Andy Garcia have to travel through movies to get to George Clooney, or did he just take a jet? I would think the latter. Andy seems practical. However, he does leave “paradise” to schlepp an instant espresso machine cross country on a whim. Ugh, I hate to say it, but I think he took the movie highway and missed George somewhere along the way. Ships in the night, man.
  4. Do I have to go to a Nespresso store to buy a Nespresso machine? If so, no thanks.
  5. Does George Clooney ever drink Nespresso? No. Certainly not. Emphatically not. If he drinks espresso at all it is in his mansion on the shores of Lake Cuomo made by an elderly, wizened, barista who loves George like a son.
  6. Does anyone like Nespresso? George doesn’t drink it, Andy just says, “mmmm,” (which could be good or bad), and the voice over lady just says it is “a cup above,” which literally means nothing. I’m not convinced Nespresso even likes Nespresso.
Oh well, it’s just a commercial. I can’t wait for Nespresso to start making movies.