“Gilmore Girls” Fans May Be Surprised to Hear Scott Patterson’s Band SmithRadio

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I’m not saying it’s bad. Let’s start there.

I’ve been a big fan of “Gilmore Girls” since the original run. And I’ve always had a crush on Luke Danes (played by Scott Patterson). Luke is a laid back guy. I’m sure his musical tastes would range from light rock to not-too-sappy folk music. Maybe a little country. Like Waylon and Willie. Definitely Kristofferson.

Since the release of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” I’ve been hearing all about Patterson’s band, SmithRadio.

I even saw in the NY Post how he was inspired by Patti Smith.

” I met her one night at CBGB. I walked up to her and interrupted a conversation she was having,” Patterson told the publication. “I heard she was looking for a keyboard player, and I asked for an audition. It wasn’t balls at all — it was just gobsmacked, crazy in love with her, total respect and awe.

“She asked me how old I was and I said, ’15.’ And she said, ‘Well, you’re a little young to join. We tour all over Europe.’ But she smiled and I went away and felt dejected,” he adds. “We left right after that and we were walking up the Bowery, and she came out and she grabbed me and she said, ‘Hey, good luck, OK. You’re gonna do fine.’ So I felt like I got blessed by Patti Smith.”

Well, finding a way to preview SmithRadio’s “Haha Song” proved to be the first challenge. You can’t find it on YouTube or Spotify, which I prefer to do when I’m not familiar with a group or artist’s music. You can only preview a portion of the song on iTunes or Google Play. So I listened.

Again, it wasn’t bad. I was just completely taken aback by the genre of music. It’s rock. Hard rock. It’s good, just the completely opposite of what I was expecting.

Preview the song yourself here.