Ryan Gosling And Jimmy Kimmel Got Honest And Personal In Their Post Las Vegas Interview


Ryan Gosling has been on just about every late night TV couch promoting his upcoming film “Blade Runner 2049”, but given the circumstances, it’s probably not what he would choose to do. In the wake of earthquakes, hurricanes, and mass violence, he wasn’t able to just promote a movie like nothing was happening. Instead, he and Jimmy Kimmel had a very personal conversation about how they were feeling, what it was like for Jimmy growing up in Las Vegas, and Ryan Gosling’s love for the Old Vegas.

The whole interview felt more like eavesdropping on friends having a drink than a standard late night interview. The conversation started honest, and stayed that way for the whole interview.

“You know, you just think about- there’s so many people suffering right now,” Gosling said. “There’s so many victims of all these hurricanes, and, obviously this shooting and earthquakes and, uh- yes it’s strange to be talking about a film.”

The conversation then turned into a really lovely, personal conversation.