Warning: Do Not Give Your Meemaw And Papaw Bubble Tea, They Will Hate It


In the South, we have a deep and abiding love for our grandparents. It’s not that other folks don’t, but southern grandparents are unique. To them, “tea” is best brewed in the summer sun and sweetened with sugar or honey. It certainly isn’t thick and full of tapioca balls. Southern Living convinced a group of southern grandparents to try bubble tea while giving their unfiltered responses. And boy, they are hilarious.

The were less than sure about drinking the stuff. Their words said, “This looks refreshing. It looks good.” But their faces said, “Sweetheart, get this away from me.”

Some were setting themselves up for disappointment.

No, Granny. That’s flavorless tapioca.

And poor Granddad, he doesn’t know why he agreed to any of this.

Look, I don’t know about you, but if my Grandfather gave me that look? Shoot! I was about to die.