Gwen Stefani Sings “Be a Good Friend” on “Sesame Street”

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Gwen Stefani recently took her signature style and swag to the streets. Or just one street– “Sesame Street.” Stefani was the special guest star during the 46th season of the beloved children’s show and taught everyone what the letter “F” really stands for.

According to Gwen, “‘F’ is for friendship and ‘F’ is for fun, ‘F’ is for fabulous, ‘F’ is for fair, to have fabulous friendships, you have to play fair.”

Mostly true.

She also sang, “when you share with your friends, you’re sharing joy.”

The best part of Gwen’s performance is that she sang it just like she would if she was at a concert. It was 100-percent Gwen. The dancing was too.