Channing Tatum and Jimmy Kimmel Show You Why You Should Not Do The “I Ate Your Candy” Challenge


People go crazy over Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy Challenge in which parents tell their children that they ate all of their Halloween candy to see how they react. They are exactly what you would think: some kids going insane, others getting very sad, and a rare few forgiving their parents and moving on. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” has not released their video this year and is still asking for submissions, but before you try this with your own kids, watch Jimmy Kimmel and Channing Tatum try it with their daughters. Odds are, this is exactly what will happen if you try this challenge.

Kimmel’s daughter was sad and mad, but not enough to cry. She was more interested in her waffle than last night’s candy.

Tatum’s daughter just got really sad and went to cry on her mother. You can see the anguish on his face that we parents know as the “this was a bad idea” face.

If you try the challenge, just know this is probably what’s going to happen.