Happy Birthday, Shania Twain!


Happy Birthday, Shania! The Queen of Country Pop! celebrates her 49th year today. She’s “Still The One” to us and doesn’t have to do much to “Win My Love,” it’s already been won!

It’s been said that Shania is the original Beyonce, as she’s transformed country music and pop music with her unique sound and  natural ability to be a strong, independent woman who oozes class with a bit of sexy on the side. She’s broken every record there is in the recording industry, won five GRAMMYs and took country music global in the process.

On top of that, she’s carried the Olympic Torch, has been featured on VH1’s “Divas” with Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin and single-handedly brought full-length leopard print hoodies to the fashion scene.

It’s safe to say– no one else could look this good, while looking this bad. She’s a true inspiration.

To celebrate Shania, we are watching our favorite videos and listening to our favorite Shania playlist. Get out there and have a real Shania day!

“Man! I Feel Like a Woman”

“From This Moment On”

“You’re Still The One”

Image Source: YouTube, PR Photos