Harry Styles Joined James Corden on His Way to Work for Some Pretty Masterful Carpool Karaoke


Harry Styles has gotten a ride to work from James Corden before, but he had to sit in the backseat with his One Direction bandmates. This time. he told Corden he felt like he more control over “the buttons” and the air, but he seemed to leave them alone for the most part.

After singing Styles’ “Sign of the Times,” Corden admitted that the song makes him emotional. Styles told him the tune makes him “cry in a cool way.”

From there, the two attempted to trade clothes, but luckily stuck to their original outfits.


Honestly, the actual karaoke was spot-on and pretty great, but the real good stuff came when Corden asked Styles to help act out scenes from “Notting Hill” and “Titanic.”

These two were made to entertain.