Hats Off to Kenny Chesney


Just like a buck is never seen without his horns, Kenny Chesney is never seen without his cowboy hat. Kenny is always in a hat. He probably showers in a hat. Sometimes the cowboy hat is straw, sometimes it’s leather, sometimes it’s felt, but there’s always one on his head. When he’s feeling especially wacky, he’ll maybe switch to a trucker or ball cap, but then he returns to his favorite cowboy hat. (And we will not speculate as to why Kenny always wears a hat, but we would like him to know that, for the record, bald is beautiful, baby.)

Now, in case Kenny ever gets a little bored of his usual style, we have a few suggestions to top his dome. Because while Kenny might live in No Shoes Nation, he certainly doesn’t live in No Hat Nation.

Kenny in an Animal Hat with Paws

Aww, look at how cute wittle Kenny is in his panda hat! He has a song called “There Goes My Life,” but after doing a few concerts in this get-up, he might need to change it to, “There Goes My Career.” Still, it looks like it’s super great for hibernating after a tour.

Kenny in a Fascinator Like Princess Kate

Pro: Kenny’s audiences are usually drinking a fair amount of beer, so he’d probably just look like a giant cherry on stage.

Con: See Pro. Also, this probably wouldn’t offer enough coverage for Kenny unless he added a veil and/or some curtains.

Kenny in a Beret

“Uptown down maison French enfants, 
Growin’ up in petite chateaus
French kissin’ on le salon le divan…”

OK, maybe this one isn’t such a good idea. He probably doesn’t even know how to mime, anyway.

Kenny in a Captain’s Hat

Who’s in charge of this Love Boat? Kenny’s in charge of this Love Boat. A captain’s hat kind of fits with his whole island vibe, so we think it’s perfect for him. Plus, if he ever wants to do a duet, Tennille is probably available.

Kenny in a Top Hat

Sure, Kenny would be just a monocle away from looking like Mr. Peanut in this, but it would also give him the new song, “She Thinks My Top Hat’s Sexy.” Classy!

Huh. You know, now that we think about it, Kenny should just keep wearing his straw cowboy hats. They seem to be working out really well for him.

Image Source: YouTube, BigStock, CMA, PR Photos