Everyone Should Watch Megyn Kelly and Hoda Kotb Dance to Pitbull Because WHAT IN THE WORLD


The only actual opinion I have about Pitbull is that he is everywhere. One can only assume that’s why he’s called Mr. Worldwide. I have strong feelings about the “Today Show.” I cried when they weirdly forced out Ann Curry for Savannah Guthrie, though I love me some SG. I didn’t like how they handled Tamron Hall’s exit in favor of giving Megyn Kelly an entire hour of morning TV time, but I don’t know much. I love Hoda Kotb. I met her once. She told me I was terrible singer.

There is no reason that Hoda or Megyn should’ve been dancing to Pitbull on the “Today Show.” I think every mom at home folding laundry that watched this live must have cringed. Or got real nervous? Like that secondhand nervousness you get when you watch “The Bachelor” and one of the girls get real drunk on the first night? Yeah, just like this.

This should not have happened. Just look at that look Hoda gets in her eyes when she hears the music. And the pain the audience members are feeling when Megyn tries to get them out of their seats.

I hope it brings you great joy.