“ICU Grandpa” Who Spends His Retirement Holding Sick Babies Met Some Of His Grown Patients

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David Deutchman is a retired marketing executive who spends his time in an unconventional way. For the last twelve years Deutchman has volunteered at Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, holding and cuddling premature babies when their parents can’t be there. His service allows parent to work, take a nap, or even go get a bite to eat while knowing that their child is being held and loved during their first days on earth. When asked who he is, Deutchman replies, “I’m the ICU grandpa.”

Twice a week, Deutchman spends the day in the pediatric and neonatal ICUs, holding babies and helping their parents.

“Sometimes I get puked on, I get peed on. It’s great,” he says.

This, this is a hero.

Sorry, there’s just some rain on my face.


Deutchman recently stopped by “Pickler & Ben” to share his story and got to meet some of the families he helped.

*Commence ugly crying*