If Hillary Clinton’s Emails Were a Love Song, They’d Sound Like This


Super Tuesday is just a few weeks away, which means one thing– presidential debates, caucuses, interviews and the like are everywhere you look. Donald Trump sent me two Christmas cards and I honestly have no idea how that happened. There’s no escaping campaign season.

An editor at Bustle recently put together a song where every single line is a direct pull from the subject line of a Hillary Clinton campaign email. The result is an angst-ridden ballad of love and desperation.

Emma Lord, who brilliantly put the song together says, “I often do double-takes at her subject lines, because sometimes they are so casual that I unconsciously assume they’re from somebody I actually know.” I unsubscribed from Hillary’s emails for that same reason and every one of them started with my name and seemed to always be a little angsty.

This song is hilariously perfect.

Image Source: PR Photos, BigStock