Iggy Azalea “Black Widow” Cover Gone (Real) Country


I have to admit, I don’t want to listen to most of my favorite songs with my parents in the same room as me. I don’t usually listen to music that makes me blush, but being the normal American that I am, every now and then it happens (I mean, the new Keith Urban video falls into this category). This summer, Iggy Azalea exploded onto the music scene with “Fancy,” and quickly followed up the song of the summer (for every summer, ever) with “Black Widow.”

In comparison to “Fancy,” “Black Widow” punches you in the gut from the beginning– this isn’t a ballad. It’s better. It’s really catchy and dark and right in the middle of singing it at the top of your lungs you realize you’re singing about revenge and then maybe, some other stuff that’s not exactly dinner table appropriate.

To directly quote Iggy, ” I love [you] this song until it hurts.” And every time I hear it, I think, if I was a talented musician with any sort of skill, I’d slow this thing down and ask Miranda Lambert to sing it to me as I fall asleep (or something). So, that’s what I did. But, kind of better.

Meet Karla Davis, talented musician, with skills (and then some). She’s taken Iggy’s scathing rhymes about a failed romantic relationship and turned it into a beautiful country music song fit for any parents’ eyes and ears.

You’re welcome, world.

Here’s the Iggy Azalea “Black Widow” cover you’ve been waiting on:

(Here’s the original Iggy Azalea video. Just for comparison.)

Oh yeah, if you’re trying to figure out where you’ve seen Karla before, yes, she was on season two of “The Voice.” And if you like her boots, you can get the Eight Second Angel Cheyenne boot here!

Image Source: PR Photos, CO