Is Country Music a Mostly Boys Club?

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Carrie Underwood kind of thinks so.

Underwood recently stated that she thinks it’s hard for women to make it, not just to the top of country music, but into country music period and if and when a woman does, there’s not all that much room for women.

“You would think that we would be farther along in the thinking about women in country music. I like to think things are getting better, but then I see stats like and realize that women really do seem to get the short end,” Underwood shared with Billboard Magazine. “There is certainly not a shortage of talented ladies out there that want so badly to get their fair shot in this business. But there seems to be only room for only a few… There seem to be so many male singers out there who can be viewed as similar, and there seems to be plenty of room for all of them.”

She also went on to say that women could never get away with singing about beer, getting drunk or being hungover.

These comments weren’t completely out of the blue. Billboard announced that just three of the top 25 artists on its Top Country Songs chart were solo women in both 2012 and 2013. Underwood was one of the three on that list with Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift being the others. Every other singer on the list was a male.

So, does the rest country music agree? Do boys rule?

Image Source: CMA