Jaden Gray Sang “Hallelujah” for Jesus During His “Boy Band” Audition and You Have to Hear It

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Jaden Gray hit notes during his “Boy Band” audition that no reality TV singing competition has ever heard before.

And the judges– Timbaland, Nick Carter, and Emma Bunton seemed to have not ever heard them before either.

Gray took Leonard Cohen’s much-covered and beloved “Hallelujah” and turned into a straight gospel performance. Not something you see a lot of boy bands singing, but this kid nailed it.

When the 16-year-old was done he said, “I was singing for Jesus,” to which Timbaland replied, “You got a serious anointing. You sing with a lot of poise. You know who you are. You would definitely make a great addition to a band. You are amazing. I was touched.”