Jake Gyllenhaal Made Mandy Patinkin Cry With His Performance in ‘Sunday in the Park With George’

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Mandy Patinkin is known to a generation of fans as Inigo Montoya from one of the greatest films ever made, “The Princess Bride.” Say it with me, “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

However, Mandy is known to others for his magnificent roles on Broadway. Perhaps one of his most beloved roles was George in “Sunday in the Park With George,” a part that Jake Gyllenhaal has taken on in the show’s revival.

Mandy recently went to see the new production, which is on a limited run until April 23 at Manhattan’s Hudson Theatre. He told Seth Meyers that it was an extremely emotional experience. Not only did Mandy cry through the entire show, he went backstage after and wept with Jake and his co-star Annaleigh Ashford. Like for a while.

“I thanked him for giving life to something that gave me life and for nurturing it so beautifully and bringing his incredible gifts to it,” Mandy told Seth Meyers. “He knocked it out of the ballpark.”

I had the opportunity to see Jake’s version of “Sunday in the Park” myself and Mandy isn’t lying. I can honestly say that this was the best Broadway performance I have ever seen.

Jake talked about his meeting with Mandy as well on a prior appearance on Seth Meyer’s show, saying, “I have to say it was one of the proudest moments of my career that he was there and that he came backstage and we all cried together.”

Then, of course, he became self depreciating for a few laughs.

The truth of the matter, though, is that Jake Gyllenhaal is a phenomenal singer and I think this role will be a defining moment in his career.