Jake Owen and Wayne Brady Roasted Each Other in a Rap Battle on “Drop The Mic” and Things Got Interesting

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If you’ve ever watched a rap battle from “Drop The Mic,” you know that celebrities can roast each other in good fun. This week, Jake Owen went up against the king of improv, Wayne Brady– and it was something.

Jake got in some good stings at Wayne:

“An awful career man, you don’t know how to pick it.
The difference between me and you? I actually sell tickets.”

Wayne Brady came back strong in each round, even throwing in some Keith and Nicole references.

“You wanna be Keith Urban?
[Explicit] you’re more Nicole Kidman.”

The two went back and forth and each round was more heated than the last. Ultimately, Wayne Brady won the battle by the audience vote and the two were able to hug it out– but truthfully, it’s something you’ve just got to see for yourself.

Warning: Explicit language