James Corden Tries Out His Son’s Gymnastics Class And We Can’t Stop Laughing


It is a terrifying thing to sign your child up for sports. Of course they need the physical outlet, the space to make friends, and to try new things, but as a parent, we have a lot of concerns. Are we picking the right sport? Will they enjoy it? How can we make sure they excel? Celebrity parents are no different, including the host of “The Late Late Show”, James Corden. But where we would only be able to tour a gym and meet a coach, Corden can participate in a class to get the full hilarious experience.

For a parent, gymnastics is all about that nasty, quiet observation room. It’s like time out for adults.

Watching a British talk show host join their child’s class was probably the most exciting thing they’d seen in a long time at that gym.

Honestly, I can’t blame them. Also, who among us would not love to try all of this?