Jamie Foxx’s Real Name Is Not Jamie Foxx And The Internet Is Losing It’s Mind


We feel like we know our favorite celebrities and in a way that’s true. We know a lot about them from detailed interviews and know their personalities from talk shows and press junkets. We feel familiar with them. Therefore, when we find out a celebrity like Jamie Foxx uses a stage name, we lose our minds. It’s like we never knew them at all.

Yes, Jamie Foxx is a fake name used only for performance. Jamie’s real name is Eric Marlon Bishop. That’s an ordinary name. I understand why he would want to beef that up a bit. But most of his fans are shaken.

What surprises me is that people actually think “Foxx” is a real name. It has two x’s–TWO! On top of that, the man has been around for decades and this information is readily available. He isn’t hiding his name. It’s just that people flipped out about it today, for some unknown reason.

The truth is, as much we feel like we know celebrities, we are truly strangers.