Let The Storytelling Queen Of The South Teach You How To Tell A Tall Tale


Storytelling is a southern art form. Whether you are sitting on the porch, eating dessert, or out fishing, the ability to tell a tale is an invaluable quality. Jeanne Robertson has been traveling the south telling her stories professionally for 54 years. She still holds the record for being the tallest Miss America contestant in history, and that’s one of the least fascinating facts about her.

Jeanne believes that telling stories, be they stretched or factual, are a means of historical preservation. “They say you can’t take it with you, but if we do not pass down our family stories we take them with us.”

Then, just watch the woman work. She casually tells stories about her pageant days (like wanting to shoot hook-shots for pageant talent) like she is just remembering them. But that’s the beauty of a southern story– you can stories you’ve heard for years like you’re hearing them for the first time. They’re part history, part humor, and part nostalgia and all true…at least as true as we remember it.