Jennifer Hudson Sang (Again) On “The Voice” And People Aren’t Happy About It


Don’t get me wrong–I like Jennifer Hudson as much as the next gal, and I was really excited to see what she’d bring to the table as a coach on this season of “The Voice.” But have you noticed that she finds an excuse to sing several times during every episode? Or that she throws a surprising number of items at the contestants out of admiration and passion? Of course you have. She isn’t just throwing things that belong to her, she’s even taken shoes from Miley Cyrus.

During one of the recent blind auditions, she got a microphone (seemingly out of thin air), and sang with contestant Davon Fleming. When she isn’t singing, she reminds contestants that she got her start in the industry doing just what they’re doing. Hudson made it to the Top 7 of season three of “American Idol,” before winning an Oscar in 2006 for her role in “Dreamgirls.”

Even Miley Cyrus is in the background like, “Classic Jennifer!”

People are actually pretty salty about it–some have even threatened to only watch “Dancing With The Stars” instead because they’re so annoyed, and that’s serious. They also don’t want her trying to sing any more Whitney Houston.

Some viewers think Hudson is stealing moments from contestants.

Others want to remind Hudson that they know she was on “American Idol.”

Mostly, viewers just think she has taken over the entire show.

Regardless, she has more skill in one pinky finger than I do in my entire body, and she’s putting together a pretty solid team this season. Here’s to hoping she heeds the warnings of the Twitterverse and cools it down a bit.