Is Jennifer Hudson the Most Over-The-Top and Polarizing Coach on “The Voice” Ever?


Like many of you, I’ve been watching “The Voice” pretty regularly for years. I came to see Blake Shelton and Adam Levine tear each other apart two nights a week and I stay for the sometimes better than average singers.

As Blake and Adam have been the anchors of the show throughout its entire run, I’ve liked some other coaches more than other as they rotate through. Like, I think Pharrell is a genius and I don’t know why you wouldn’t pick him every time. I think Alicia Keys is kind, more talented than anyone in the world and can stand up to Blake. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Miley Cyrus.

Since I loved Alicia so much, I was really looking forward to Jennifer Hudson’s first season on the show. After all, no other coach on the show has an Oscar. And no other coach brings the vocals the way J. Hud does.

But, J. Hud is kind of… well, too much. Right?

If she’s not taking a microphone and singing on stage, she’s throwing shoes at people– or whatever else she can find.

She’s even thrown Miley’s shoe.

What if Blake did this?

Meryl Streep should do this more.

Though it’s been easy to see that J. Hud is the most over-the-top coach ever on “The Voice,” this new video of her facial expressions show just how over-the-top she is.

And, y’all– we aren’t even live yet.

And yes, people are now throwing shoes at her during her shows. The first time it happened, Hudson shared on Isntagram, “I told my crew I said lord people r going to start throwing shoes at me after @nbcthevoice and yal that just what happened tonight ! I got my first shoe thrown at me tonight ! lol I could barely finish my song after this guy got done ! Lol to much ! I love it !!”

Final thoughts?