Jennifer Lawrence Says the Best Advice She’s Ever Received Was Actually Something Oprah Just Mumbled Under Her Breath

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Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress, who is leading the charge for leveling the playing field for women in Hollywood, but she’s also pretty funny and down-to-earth, thanks to her Kentucky upbringing.

These days, she’s as far from Kentucky as you can get, evidenced by the fact that her most recent interview in the Hollywood Reporter was actually conducted by Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah invited J. Law to her house in Montecito, California where they, “talked for three and a half hours about life and fame and growing up and money and management and taking care of yourself and spirituality and philosophy. We drank rosé, and we laughed, and we talked about everything.”

During the conversation, Oprah asked Jennifer, “What’s the best advice you’ve been given?” and her response was pretty great.

“It was probably by you. You just said it under your breath. You were talking, and then under your breath you said, ‘You have to teach somebody how to treat you.’ That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard.”

And, of course, Oprah is right.