Jennifer Lopez Says She “Stalked” Lin-Manuel Miranda Into Duetting with Her


As you’ve probably heard, two of the biggest stars of our day Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda recently teamed on a song called “Love Make the World Go Round.”

The song, which was released in order to benefit the victims of the Orlando shooting, is touching and talks about the power and importance of love and our nation’s desperate need for acceptance.

“I had this song called ‘Love Make the World Go Round.’ I’ve had it for, I don’t know, maybe, eight months,” Jennifer said. “I loved the song, I loved the hook, and when everything happened in Orlando, I kind of heard it in a different way for the first time and I was like, ‘The world needs this right now, the world really needs the message of the world being the answer.'”

So, after deciding to finally record and release the song, J-Lo started thinking about who she could collaborate with.

“I wanted to put somebody on the bridge and all these great names came up, then Lin’s name came up, and I was like, ‘That’s it,'” Jennifer explained. “I had seen his speech on the Tonys and I thought, ‘He’s the perfect person to do this with me,’ and I stalked him.”

As far as Lin’s concerned, once he heard Jennifer’s idea and the heart behind the song, he was immediately, 100% on board.