Jessica Biel Did The Dirty Dancing Leap In High Heels On ‘Ellen’ Like It Was Nothing


We have written before (and still stand by it) that you should not try to do the Dirty Dancing leap. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey were highly trained dancers when they did it; they knew what they were doing. You and me? Nah, we’d get injured trying. But Jessica Biel? She can just walk out on stage and do it like it’s nothing. Seriously. She did it on “Ellen” and it was astonishing.

Jessica strutted out of the back of the theater, much to Ellen’s surprise, as “Time of My Life” played.

A dancer joined her, doing the steps to the routine. You know, the basics. Then, they separated.


Wait, would they really go for it?


Her core strength…it’s insane. We now take you to a live look at Justin Timberlake.