Jessie James Decker Shared A Sonogram Of Baby #3 And He Looks Very Familiar


Jessie James Decker is expecting baby number three and just shared her first glimpse of the little guy. She posted an adorable sonogram on her Facebook page with the little guy who she thinks looks just like her second child. The resemblance is pretty uncanny.

The Deckers announced the pregnancy through an adorable video with their two children. Their youngest, Eric II aka “Bub” was pretty unimpressed with the announcement, but happens to look just like his little brother.

“I think he looks like Bub,” Decker wrote on her Facebook page. Just see for yourself.

Beyond prepping her home for the new addition, Decker is promoting her new album and burgeoning music career. 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for the Deckers!