Donald Trump Introduces His Running Mate, Little Donald Trump

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Jack Aiello, an eighth grader from Chicago, Illinois, joined late night funny man Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” to give a hilarious and incredibly accurate impression of none other than presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Today I have a very big announcement,” Donald (Jimmy) said. “A lot of people have been speculating about who I’m going to pick as my running mate, Chris Christie, Lebron James, Chewbacca Mom, all good choices, but no. The only person good enough to be my vice president is me. That’s why 14 years ago I created a clone of myself. He just graduated from the eighth grade and he’s here tonight. He’s just fantastic.”

Donald and Little Donald went on to talk about the size of their hands, “Finding Dory” and the wall. The pair even took some time to prank call Hillary Clinton, where Jack pulled out his uber-impressive Bernie Sanders impression.

We see “SNL” in this kid’s future.