Jimmy Fallon Finally Got His Mustache And It’s Actually Pretty Amazing

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Jimmy Fallon was once the fresh-faced kid on “Saturday Night Live” known for his song parodies and constant breaking. He has always been known as a young comedian, even now at 42. But now, Jimmy is going old school with a more manly look. “Mustache Jimmy” has entered the ring and he isn’t going anywhere for a while.

Fallon recently grew a beard stating that he intended to shave it down to a mustache.

That’s a pro-move there, Jim. You can’t just grow a mustache while shaving your cheeks. You’ll end up looking like a teenager or Michael Cera.

That’s not Jim. My man did things the right way: get your beard out and then get a pro to do the shaving. Going to a barber is a real “treat-yo-self” moment. Sure, you won’t do it a lot, but there is not much better than a straight edge shave. Typically they take around 30 minutes to do right, so, obviously, Jimmy couldn’t do that. It would have been great TV though, mumbling his way through interviews while praying he doesn’t get cut.

Fallon went with an electric shave and the mustache emerged. It looks good! Y’all need to get used to mustache’s; they’re coming back!

“This is the new me,” he said. #inspire

Next up, the return of the mullet.