10 #ThanksgivingFails That’ll Make Your Family Meal Look Like a Magazine Spread

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Twenty-five or so (more) years ago, my aunt made some mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner that didn’t go over too well with the family. I can’t remember what was wrong with them or if she forgot butter or something, but I do know her adult son, who was not alive at the time, even knows that his mother isn’t allowed to bring the mashed potatoes for family meals. That story is nothing compared to the #ThanksgivingFails Jimmy Fallon rounded up for “The Tonight Show.” Some of these people should be dead.

But, first, a few we found on our own:

Smart and most people can participate.

What you don’t know can’t hurt you?

Quite the mommy makeover!

This doesn’t seem that far off from something a lot of dads would do, right?

That’s super gross.

This would be a dream meal for any kid that’s a picky eater.


Nope again.

Honestly? Surprised you don’t hear about this more.