Jimmy Fallon Says Anti-Trump Comedy is “Just Not What I Do”


Jimmy Fallon is the nice guy of late night TV. He isn’t someone who will turn a fun conversation into a “gotcha” policy debate. Even so, Fallon was roundly criticized for an interview he did with then-candidate Donald Trump in which he tousled Trump’s hairs and asked no pressing questions. In a recent interview with “TODAY Show” Fallon again felt like he needed to defend himself: anti-Trump comedy is not something he is interested in.

In fact, any anti-politician comedy is not something Fallon would be interested in.

“I don’t care that much about politics– I gotta be honest. I love pop culture more than I love politics.”

Fallon went on to say he does jokes about Presidents “because it’s my job.” But beyond that, he’s going to leave the heavy hitting political comedy to other people and focus on what he does best.