Laurie Hernandez Says That If She Wins the “DWTS” Mirror Ball, She’ll Have to Get Her Mom’s Permission for Where to Display It

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When watching Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez do flips on the balance beam, perform on “Dancing with the Stars” or even talk on camera, it’s easy to forget that, off-stage, she’s still a 16-year-old girl who lives with her parents.

According to Laurie, life at home is pretty much that of a normal teenager. She still has to do chores, she still has to help with the dishes and she still has to make her bed, the only thing that’s kind of out of the ordinary, is that she has to ask her mom’s permission for where to keep and display her medals — LOL.

During her most recent visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Laurie laughingly revealed that, if she wins the “DWTS” mirror ball, she’ll have to get her mom’s approval for where to display it.

“Hopefully, if the mirror ball, I think I’d want to put it at the center of my house, just so everyone can see it,” she said. “But, I’d have to ask my mom first… Mom’s house, mom’s rules.”

Hey, I can appreciate that.

While there, she also talked about how excited she is to participate in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.