Jimmy Kimmel Interviewing A Little Girl To See If She Has Been Naughty Or Nice This Year Is The Most Adorable Thing


Santa makes his list and checks it twice, but he also employs the help of his elves, Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo to find out if kids have been naughty or nice. They sat down with a little girl named Lucy to find out if she’s been good this year. The result was one of the cutest interviews we’ve ever seen on late night TV.

Lucy is an adorable, super sweet kid who knew that her Christmas gifts depended on nailing this interview with Santa’s elves. So she drew a picture for both Jimmy and Guillermo with “I Love Jesus” written cross the top.

Everything was going fin until she was confronted with a video of a temper tantrum she threw when she couldn’t wear her “spinny dress.”


It’s troubling footage, but who among us would not throw a tantrum? Lucy also made it right.


Ok, kiddo, you get all the presents. I just can’t handle the cuteness!