Fans Surprise John Cena To Thank Him For Being Their “Life Changer”


You never know what your words and actions mean to someone else. Even if you are put on a pedestal you can only hope that your life is a source of positive change in the world. John Cena has built his wrestling career on being a hard working guy who cares about his fans, inspiring them with a message of “Never Give Up.” It may just be wrestling, but fans have taken that message to heart in order to beat cancer, overcome injury, depression, loss, and everything else that threatens to beat us down. Some of those fans got a chance to surprise Cena and thank him personally. Everyone cried happy tears.

John began by reading thank you cards from fans who were inspired by his message. Then, one by one, they came out to thank him personally for how he changed their lives.

Tyler, the first fan to meet Cena, encouraged his mom through her cancer treatments after Cena gave Tyler his wristband at an event. In the video, you can see that Cena barely saw Tyler, but the act changed both his and his mother’s life. At the end, the fans presented Cena with a trophy inscribed “Life Changer.”


It isn’t the only trophy he has earned, but it is certainly the most meaningful.