John Cena ‘Brings The Thunder’ When He Answers Random Questions

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John Cena, who may be a gorilla in a man suit, loves answering random questions from people on the street. The people on the street don’t know they are asking questions to John Cena in a studio, so a lot of the questions are general and unusual like, “How does time work?” and “How do you give back to the world?” But, as the man says, “I bring the thunder when I answer random questions.” Yes, that he does.

All of the randomness makes for a surprisingly interesting interview. It isn’t often you can hear about where Denzel Washington goes to the gym, a celebrity’s perfect date night, and their thoughts on free will in a single conversation. Two things about Cena really become apparent in this interview:

1. He does not like to be thought of as “famous” or anything other than a normal dude.

2. He’s a real goofy dude.