Everybody Is Talking About The Eclipse Of The S-u-n But Your Pastor Wants To Talk About The Eclipse Of The S-O-N


All anyone wants to talk about is the solar eclipse and if I know one thing, pastors love to take hot topics of conversation and throw in some Jesus spice. I don’t mean the guys on TV who think every celestial event is a portent of the apocalypse. I’m talking about your pastor’s uncanny ability for spiritual puns. It is a beautiful thing that sun and Son sound alike, because they can say things like, “Tomorrow we will all stare at the sun, but when was the last time you took a good look at the Son?” Hey man, preachers gonna preach.

If your pastor said anything about the eclipse, he probably sounded like comedian John Crist. But let’s be honest, his Jesus juke probably wasn’t as good as the one’s Crist came up with. Maybe the dude should write sermon one-liners instead of doing stand-up.