You Have to See John Mayer Fake-Out the “Jimmy Kimmel” Crowd with His “Hank the Hawk Knutley” Disguise

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John Mayer gave the “Jimmy Kimmel” crowd quite a surprise last night when he posed as a man called “Hank the Hawk Knutley.”

During the show, John sat in with the house band, while disguised as a washed-up rock star, decked out in a bandana, fake beard and latex beer belly.


Throughout the show, “Hank” inserted inappropriate banter, loudly tuned his guitar and, at one point, explained where he got the nickname “Hawk.”

“Originally, it started as a sex move I invented, which then I adapted into a fighting style. So I’ve just become known for both of things simultaneously,” he said.

After faking-out the crowd, John removed the costume and went on to perform his new single “Still Feel Like Your Man” — and it was, unsurprisingly, awesome.

Watch the full performance below.